Announcement of New Logo and Identity

January 23, 2023


We are happy to announce the launch of our new logo and refreshed the company’s brand. Our professional profile with hands-on experience has grown, and we transformed the logo to reflect who we are today.

The new logo was created through the internal branding design in-house. The ‘I” stands for Independent and trustworthy in a bold navy letter with a red-white flag identity, representing the pride of our nation, Indonesia.

Our value in the letter of “M, E, C” in three different blue gradients inspired the multi-generational team and long-term commitment to emphasize organic growth.  We retained the essence of “M” for Meaningful in Life, “E” for Excellent in Approach, and “C” for Continual Improvement.

The smooth wave in the letter shows our core in the maritime sector. It also broadens our marine and engineering services and replaces the word “consultant” underneath the IMEC letter.

From the upper-case change to the lower-case letter to keep us humble and prioritize our client’s needs.

We believe the new logo embraces our passion and we will work towards those with our best endeavours.