Engineering Support to Rescue a Grounded VLCC Tanker

January 16, 2023

In November 2022, IMEC provide engineering support to perform a calculation for a grounded VLCC tanker and protect the CLIENT subsea pipeline beneath it. Using advanced calculation and simulation software such as MOSES and Optimoor, we were able to accurately analyze the forces acting on the tanker and the potential impacts on the pipeline, even under the time-sensitive conditions of an emergency situation.

Our comprehensive calculation allowed us to develop a precise and optimal plan for rescuing the tanker and protecting the pipeline, which involved towing the vessel to a safe area and implementing protective measures. This thorough analysis provided CLIENT with the confidence and assurance needed to give permission for the operation to be carried out. The successful execution of this plan by a team of skilled personnel and specialized equipment demonstrates the value of our advanced software tools and the effectiveness of our approach to marine engineering and consulting.

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