FSO Barakuda Natuna Tandem Analysis for Shuttle Tanker Belida Field Natuna Sea

Client : MEDCO E&P Natuna Ltd.
Period : December 2019

Belida field is comprised of a Drilling and Production Platform A (DPPA),
which is bridge linked to the Lift Gas Platform (LGP), and a remote Wellhead
Platform B (WHP-B) and located in approximately 1.2 Nm away from DPPA.
The oil produced is transferred via an 8-inch pipeline to the FSO Barakuda
The station keeping of FSO Barakuda Natuna is using a permanent spread
mooring system which have 8 (eight) mooring chains hooked-up on portside,
starboard side, forward and aft of the FSO. FSO Barakuda Natuna is converted
ship of 100,000 DWT, 245 meters L.O.A with 783,000 barrels storage capacity.

IMEC provides marine engineering support services to perform tandem analysis during off-take operations.

Scope of Work:

  • Review Met-ocean data provided by Client.
  • Provide modeling simulation in hydrodynamic software.
  • Carry out tandem analyses on various scenarios based on
    environmental criteria mentioned on Terminal Handbook provided by
  • Bollard pull capacity check and assessment on each scenario.