Marine Assurance & Industry Standard Surveys

marine assurance

Our team are able to provide the required assurances that the assets involved in an operation are fir for purpose and meet all the required technical standards and guidelines. Are service include:

  • Sea Trial Attendance.
  • Fuel Efficiency Surveys.
  • ISM Internal and External Audits.
  • Vessel PMS Assurance Surveys.
  • Statutory Compliance Surveys.
  • Fair Market Valuation.
  • Loss Adjusting.
  • OVID Inspections.
  • IMCA & SIRE Inspections.
  • Suitability, On hire/ Off hire surveys.

  • Management of Safe Operations Audit.

  • Jetty Operational Safety Assessment.

  • Offshore Drilling Rig Audit.

  • Conditional or suitability surveys

  • IMCA  - CMID (m149 – m189) Inspections

  • OCIMF- OVID & sire Inspections

  • On hire / Off hire (conditional or consumables) Surveys