Marine Warranty Survey

Marine Warranty Survey for Belida Extension Project (BEP).

Client : MEDCO E&P Natuna Ltd.
Period : November 2021 – September 2022

The Belida Extension Project (BEP) is development project of Malong and Belida Northeast fields, located at Block B of the Natuna Sea. Malong & Belida NE are gas field located in 16.5 km of South East Belida DPP-A and 2.5 km of North East Belida DPP-A, the fields have 300 feet (91.44 m) water depth in average. 

The objective of this Belida Extension development project is developing the following facilities:

  • Belida NE WHP
  • Malong WHP
  • Pipelines, 12’ x 2.8 km – from Belida DPP-A to Belida NE WHP
  • Pipelines, 12’ x 0.6 km – from Malong PLEM to Malong WHP
Key Features:
  • Zero-man incidents and/or near misses
  • The first new technology ZEEPod were installed in Indonesia, patented by ZEE Indonesia