Drilling Campaign Services for SLTS Semisubmersible Rig

Client : MEDCO E&P Natuna Ltd.
Period : March – October 2021
Vessel type : Semi-submersible drilling rig

COMPANY perform offshore campaign / drilling project at HIU-A05, HIU-A06, and SB-02 well Offshore Natuna Indonesia. The selected rig type is semi-submersible type. IMEC comprehesive engineering capability provide mooring analysis, towing analysis & procedure, and Anchor Handling Tug evaluation during anchor handling for the Semi-submersible which will be moored in approximately 91.4 meters of water depth.

Scope of Work :

  • Anchor pattern study based on a specific seabed condition, environmental data, and Rig’s heading.
  • Environmental study according to the offshore campaign of the Rig.
  • Mooring analysis for 8 (eight) and 12 (twelve) points mooring system including mooring line tension assessment, excursion assessment, and anchor holding assessment.
  • Bollard pull calculation for towing.
  • Anchor handling tug evaluation during anchor handling operation.