Ramba Jetty Collision and Quantitative Risk Assessment Study

Client : ConocoPhillips (Grissik) Ltd.
Period : March 2020

Conoco Phillips Grissik Limited (CPGL) operates a Ramba Jetty in Dawas River, South Sumatera. They require marine engineering consultancy services to undertake the collision study of their jetty including the impact of self-propelled oil barge (SPOB) hit the jetty, other vessel hit moored SPOB, and other vessels direct hit the jetty.

The study aims to analyse the effect of collision to CPGL assets i.e. jetty structure and SPOB as well as observing the effect of oil spill if spill occurs from collision.

Scope of Work

  • Ship collision impact with Ramba Jetty Structure
  • Ship collision impact with berthed SPOB
  • Oil spill impact in Ramba Jetty area due to collision