Marine Consultancy & Execution Services


Among the services we are able to offer include:

  • [su_lightbox src=""][su_button background="#474951"]New build floating units technical consultancy services[/su_button][/su_lightbox]
  • [su_lightbox src=""][su_button background="#474951"]Concept Screening and Select[/su_button][/su_lightbox]
  • [su_lightbox src=""][su_button background="#474951"]Tender Review[/su_button][/su_lightbox]
  • [su_lightbox src=""][su_button background="#474951"]Cost & Budgeting[/su_button][/su_lightbox]
  • [su_lightbox src=""][su_button background="#474951"]Mooring/Structural Analysis and Review[/su_button][/su_lightbox]
  • Client Marine Representation Offshore.
  • Documentation for rig moves and offshore operations.
  • High level marine experience for rig moves and offshore operations.
  • Warranty review ensuring quality of reports, reducing commercial & scheduling exposure.
  • Marine Casualty Work, Damage Surveys.
  • Technical Due Diligence.

We are able to carry out independent reviews and have the technical know-how to provide you with the assurance level that you need.

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