Sea-Fastening Design for Well Stimulation Equipment onboard OSV

Client : Schlumberger
Period : 2019 – 2021
Vessel Type : Offshore Supply Vessel (OSV)

CLIENT use Offshore Supply Vessel to support the offshore well stimulation project. Well stimulation is a well treatment to increase the production of oil or gas wells by improving the flow of hydrocarbon. For the offshore well treatment may use an offshore vessel to perform the operation by injecting the hydrocarbon using a hose reel placed on board the vessel.

IMEC support sea fastening design and other structural design of the conversion vessel. 

Scope of Work

  • Finalize the Stowage Plan of Well Stimulation equipment.
  • Sea motion forces calculation for Well Stimulation equipment onboard
  • Sea-fastening design and calculation for each of equipment onboard the
  • Provide drawings including the sea fastening detail drawings.
  • Determine Material Take-Off (MTO).
  • Design deck extension on board OSV.
  • Perform OSV deck strength due to equipment load.